Opposing Luton Airport expansion

Luton Airport has expanded significantly over the past 7 years, and its environmental impacts have raced ahead of its mitigations. We are raising funds to oppose further significant expansion and hence to protect West Hertfordshire from additional noise, air pollution and road & rail traffic. Carbon from air travel hastens climate change not only due to direct emissions deposited high in the atmosphere, but also because of the warming effect caused by contrails.

Please click the button below to donate towards opposing Luton Airport expansion. In the details, add a note telling us which campaign group you belong to (eg STAND, STAQS, LADACAN, SLAE etc). Don’t forget to click the “Gift Aid” option if you are a UK taxpayer – we can then claim 25% extra. When using a credit card, please take care to fill in your name and address details correctly – the payment page will indicate if any mismatches are identified.

Many thanks for your generous support.